A poem of an ancient kind














The beautiful German translation of the poem comes from the site of the National Library of Serbia. I asked about the translator some years ago, searched in the net but, regrettably, have not been able to find out the name of the author of this genial translation.

In the meantime I have received the preliminary information from the Serbian national library that the German translation, the only one to their knowledge, comes from Jernej Kopitar, a Slovene linguist and administrator of the Vienna Court Library. He played a vital role in the Serbian language reform in the first half of XIX century through his support to Vuk Karadžić.
His many translations of the Serbian epic poems have been made for G.W.F. Goethe in the first place and published afterwards. Kopitar's role in the grounding years of the Serb modern language is well known in my country, but still, I realized who Kopitar really was only after I understood that it was him who wrote this beautiful poem translation.

Almost all used photogaphs have been made by the well-known Belgrade photographer Vlado Marinković. You can see more of his photograhs here, on his PBase site.

A photogaph of the comet McNaught originates from the site of the Department of Physics in National Cheng Kung University of Taiwan.

The article about the poet's life has been based mostly on the accout of Milorad Panić-Surep in his monography "Filip Višnjić - život i delo".

Special thanks to my online friends, Bengal and Wright by their Il-2 Sturmovik nicks, Taneem Chowdhury and Arnold Gallardo in the non-virtual reality, for their patience in reading and correcting my first tries at the English translation of this poem.


I would like to express my deep gratitude for all these contributions to this site and especially to the author of the beautiful photographs, Vlado Marinković.The visual character of the site is completely based upon his photos.

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